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uniden r7 vs valentine one

Great info and makes it easy to understand. You can buy it as a radar detector only pair it with any laser jammer you want, whether it’s Escort’s ShifterMax jammers or the AntiLaser Priority which is a superior and more effective laser jammer. The most complete and thorough reviewer of radar detectors. What was keeping me from leaving the v1 was the arrows, I need that shit, but now that the R7 has arrows and way better range from the testing I've seen, plus modern features like GPS lockouts and all kind of fancy other stuff, pretty hard to resist for me. All rights reserved. Incredible knowledge and willing to share what he knows. Great video's / testing detectors and general detector settings. The V1 has been around for a long time and seems to be a better choice because the arrows are more visible but the range isn’t as good. Uniden was listening to us when we asked for upgrades under the hood and we got faster signal processing, better visuals, and dual antennas. your videos are very informative and has helped me select the best detector for my needs! Very knowledgeable man with lots of great advice. Thank you so much for the reviews and videos of how to program and setup my R3. I find the R7 to be a bit more rangy and first to alert vs … What you always wanted to know about radar detectors but were afraid to ask. If you’re an Android user, download JBV1. That said, the phones can add a bunch of nice extra features. It is a solid pick that offers GPS functionality for manual GPS lockouts and low speed muting (keeping it quiet around town), plus an updatable database for redlight camera and speed camera alerts. He has even taken the time to respond to questions concerning setups and. I find the R7 to be a bit more rangy and first to alert vs … If you’re looking for the best bang for the buck and you want to spend less than $200, the DFR7 is the way to go. Has taken over the helm left by Radar Roy! It doesn’t offer arrows, auto lockouts, or Bluetooth, and its MRCD detection is pretty poor compared to the top end options, but for a more affordable option to give you excellent range against most police radar guns, there’s nothing in this price range even close. It’s a beast in terms of performance, giving you the best possible ability to detect police radar (arguably the most important job of a radar detector) while also effectively filtering out false alerts both on the highway and around town, making it a top notch choice. here’s your tutorial on how to set it up. The Uniden R7 retails at $599.95 which puts it close to the price point of the Escort Max 360c, Escort’s top-of-the-line GPS-enabled dual antenna radar detector. Because he is honest, informative, and entertaining!!! Note: If you’re in Canada, you can purchase your Radenso RC M here. For that increase in cost youl get a dual antenna detector (like the V1) that is more sensitive than it, and slightly less sensitive to the Uniden R3 (a single antenna detector priced at $399) and the Uniden R7 (currently the most sensitive detector and priced at … The Uniden R7 has two, one for the front, and a second for the rear. It’s cheaper than the competition because it uses the ALP as the “brains” for the detector so if you’re getting the ALP already, you don’t have to get a second “brain” for your radar detector. You can also see alerts from other drivers in realtime so it’s a great complement to your radar detector to add an additional layer of protection. The Uniden R3 has one front facing antenna. Valentine 1 Gen2: Best Situational Awareness with Apps. They’re only available from local Escort distributors/installers. Introducing the All-New Valentine V1 Gen2 Radar Detector. I think its interface sucks, especially if you want good false alert filtering around town. To get the most from this setup, you’ll want to tie it in with your phone to add some of the features built directly in to other detectors. As a bonus, the Redline 360c comes with a 1 year limited ticket-free guarantee. It’s a long range detector whose performance only slightly trails behind the R7. Click here to purchase the V1 Gen2. Bought an R7 on your advice and its been a great purchase. If you’re running an iPhone, buy V1Driver ($10). and storage too. You get great performance, decent filtering, and manual GPS lockouts when you add your phone. ITEM: 20020. save hide report. The Valentine One, Generation Two, or V1G2, is the culmination of a lifetime spent on a very specific pursuit. Click here to purchase the Net Radar DSP. If you want a compact and stealthy detector with good BSM filtering and MultaRadar detection, the Radenso Pro M is the way to go. It will integrate directly with the ShifterMax while the ALP will run alongside it independently. In fact it’s the most expensive windshield mount detector currently available on the market. Lack of knowledge on my part has kept me from pulling the trigger. Uniden’s R7 is a top of the line radar detector with a built-in GPS feature. Does anybody have anything good or bad to say about either one? Thanks to the GPS chip, you can get your GPS lockouts to filter out known stationary false alerts, low speed muting for driving through town, as well as redlight camera alerts. During this 7-minute video you will discover the five most important features you should consider when selecting the best radar detector of 2020 for your personalized driving habits and your budget from the following list of the radar detectors currently available from RadarBusters in 2020. I THINK...all the information they have on RADAR DETECTORS AND RADAR/LASER JAMMERS IS REALLY CLASSIC AND COOL.... Great unbiased reviews. was a huge help on picking my uniden r3, lots of info on styles of radars for comparisons, to find what radar is best. Anyone interested in learning more about. Uniden User Manual. If you’d like high performance and arrows for less money, the Uniden R7 is the best bang for the buck high performance radar detector. If you drive primarily in rural areas where you don’t encounter those false alerts, the simpler R1 would be the way to go. 15 comments. Boy I wish there was a simple answer to that because it really depends. You can download it for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Radar detectors can help you avoid speeding tickets, but which one should you buy? Inspired by the Valentine One V1, the Uniden R7 stands out from the pack because its dual antennas tell you exactly which direction the radar signal is coming from. I am really torn. I'm so glad to of learned about the different brands and what performances they have. Uniden R7 user manual (PDF) Uniden R7 vs. Valentine One Gen2 review. ... Having owned almost every escort radar, and 2 versions of the Valentine one, he uniden R3 in my opinion is the best most well rounded detector on the market. I have an R3 and it's been really good. It is always nice to watch Vortex videos. If you want an excellent all around package with arrows and to have a solid understanding of the threats around you, if you’re cool with pairing your phone with your detector and a bit of an initial learning curve, get the V1 Gen2. and for a good reason. It has a light sensor and an auto dimming function that is dependent on the lighting conditions. He has very good information on dash cams. Uniden R3. In terms of filtering out false alerts, the DFR7 does a good job at filtering out cars with blind spot monitoring systems, considering its price range, so you won’t constantly get bombarded with false alerts. https://www.vortexradar.com/best-radar-detectors/. videos and recommendations. Plus Vortex also adds a sense of reassurance when it comes time to purchasing a product and deciding on what best suits your own personal needs for a detector or an emitter. I find BSM is better than the R3 and it runs quieter to me running them both side by side. sign up and contribute as a Patreon member, Black Friday 2020 Deals on Radar Detectors & Dash Cameras. Incredible knowledge of radar detectors. very good information and short movies abaout the detecters. Love the reviews, tips, and tricks! THE Pro. jammers and dash cams.. As a technician I recognize good testing methods and appreciate the unbiased reviews of the products featured... Top notch SME. After reading that the Uniden r7 has some bugs and doesn't do well on filtering out MRCD warnings and has problems with it's display and build quality and also hearing that there might be a new V1 coming out, I think I'm gonna just try and keep it under 100mph for now and wait and see what happens in the next month or so. I got the max 360. photo radar. My mirrortapped R3 has been awesome, no complaints. I prefer running the ALP standalone because you do get a few extra features, but most people prefer running them together to get one single controller for radar and laser, providing a very clean install in the cabin. none the best resource out there when it comes to this industry! Great resource for information on radar detectors and dash cams. Great advise on the videos. to learn of your Miata getting smacked; glad you’re ok. He’s saved me. Click here to learn more about the Blendmount. Uniden R7 Radar Detector is Uniden’s answer to the Escort Max 360 & Valentine 1. With the R7, you can mark geographical points where you commonly encounter radar transmissions. The Uniden DFR7 is a good all-around radar detector for both city and highway driving, and at under $200, it won’t break the bank. Click here to purchase the Net Radar DSP. Very good and fair reviews and regular updates on a wide variety of products. The more compact R3 (no rear antenna like the R7) is also a top performing windshield mount radar detector. Now if you don’t want a radar detector hanging off your windshield so there’s nothing visible to police officers, other drivers, and potential thieves, or you simply prefer a cleaner and more factory look in your cabin, a remote mount radar detector is the way to go. If you’d like a well-integrated remote radar detector and laser jammer setup that does just about everything and does it well, the Max Ci or Max Ci 360 would fit the bill. Same as the Escort Max 360 and the Valentine One, the Uniden R7 uses its rear antenna to discover which direction the signal comes from. Been doing a lot of research and trying to find the best radar detector out there. Thank you for sharing! have been watching the YouTube videos for a while and have learned a ton of useful information on radar detectors and. No dishonesty regarding systems. How about Escort Max360c? When to Choose The Uniden R7 The Uniden R3 gives high quality range, while the Uniden R7 provides an added antenna and arrows to locate signals. Uniden bills this unit as an Extreme Long Range detector, all shown on its large display, sniffed out signals early and often. If you've driven with a radar detector before, you know the confusion that comes when receiving an alert, but not being able to quickly identify the source. With its manual GPS lockouts, low speed muting, and RLC alerts, it make for a good detector to run around town. to the point. If that applies to your vehicle, you’ll definitely want to opt for a remote detector instead. high quality product, easy to follow instructions. If you’d like high end performance, fantastic false alert filtering, the most future-proof setup on the market, plus ALP integration, get the Radenso RC M. If you’re running an AntiLaser Priority laser jammer and you want an inexpensive remote radar detector too, the Net Radar DSP is the best bang for the buck. It will do a great job of picking up police radar, it can help you filter out those pesky false alerts, and it can easily pay for itself many times over by helping you avoid speeding tickets from police shooting radar. The upgradeable feature only means you get trade in value to the latest model, I'm sure there's better stuff out there but my v1 has never failed me and I got a great deal on my new one. I have a 2017 mustang GT and find myself doing more than speed limit. A few downsides are that it uses a barrel plug connector instead of a standard RJ11 port, the buttons can be a little difficult to find by feel alone, and the frequency display is rounded (ie. © 2020 Vortex Radar. The build quality does feel a little plasticy and if you need a completely undetectable detector (most people don’t), the R7 can sometimes be picked up by radar detector detectors. Product areas also include laser. Unlike Escort though, the guarantee also applies if you buy your Pro M from a third party distributor like Amazon, not only when you buy direct. Besides those key features, the Pro M also gives you manual GPS lockouts, low speed muting, and red light camera alerts. Valentine V1. I’m an iPhone guy and V1Driver is a nice way to add in the much needed additional false alert filtering. The R series detectors like the R3 and R7 offer insanely good detection range on all bands so you don’t have this trade-off which is the primary reason I prefer the R series. Please keep up the great work!! It’s the best radar detector under $300 and it gives you an incredible level of performance for the money. Unfortunately though it lacks GPS built in so you’re not going to get some of the basic features you’ll want to keep the detector quiet around town including low speed muting or GPS lockouts. The Radenso RC M is even quieter and more future-proof than the Escort Max Ci 360. The classic Valentine V1 was so popular, Uniden based their R7 chassis design on it! Thanks Vortex! Mount Your Uniden R7 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector with GPS & Threat Detection Without the … dash cameras. With most remote radar detectors you have the option of either purchasing online or directly from your local installer, but with the Max Ci series detectors, officially you can only purchase them through a local installer, which is what Escort intends. His in depth. Proper setup and configuration is critical with jammers so you’ll also want to check out my complete ALP setup guide as well. The Uniden R7 radar detector is Uniden’s answer to the Valentine One and Escort Max 360 and will soon be available to those looking for a sensitive gps-enabled dual antenna high performance radar detector with arrows. If you're shopping for a Dashcam or Radar Detector, Vortex Radar is the one and only place to do your research! Available starting in April of 2019 the R7 should be appealing to those accustomed to the high performance of the Uniden R3 but who wish to own a detector with front and rear-facing antennas. I actually managed to sell my 13 year old one on eBay for $240 to an audio shop in Chicago. That said, if you have the ALP already or you’re going to get one, the NR DSP is your best bang for the buck remote radar detector. Best and most informative website for all things radar detector on the internet! The V1 Gen2 is very popular among radar detector enthusiasts. Click here to purchase the R3. I trust everything he posts! The R3 also adds MRCD support so it’s more future-proof, but it does cost more. Keep up the good work! There are a few good affordable options and here are your top picks: If you want high performance like the R7 offers, but you don’t necessarily need arrows to point right to the officer, you can save $200 by picking up the Uniden R3 instead. It has unbelievable long range. He's always keeping us updated on Radar news, updates, tests, and, Alway share valuable information. The Max Ci 360 ($3599) is Escort’s complete package that includes front and rear radar detector antennas and front and rear Escort laser jammers (shifters). I was surprised at what it fetched but that's how respected Valentine are for a budget radar detector. Comprehensive, unbiased reviews and setup guides. Honest Reviews, informative youtube channel. It’s also more affordable than the Max Ci remote. The best one to use is the one that’s specifically designed for the ALP, the Net Radar DSP. I personally prefer the Android app because there’s SO many additional features. It offers long range performance, good blind spot filtering capabilities (including K band segmentation that can be used to filter out Honda/Acura falses), the ability to do GPS lockouts when paired with a phone, MRCD detection, you can add a second rear-facing antenna ($499) to get directional information, aka arrows, plus it’s easily one of the most affordable remote radar detectors you can buy. the speed countermeasure industry, Vortex is your guy! Wonderful tutorials and a wealth of knowledge! Notting but the FACTS and the 411 on all that you need to know. Thoughtful discussion - and solid technical conclusions. I've recently researched this a lots of articles identified this as best. installation recommendations & instructions, to helping me compare products to make the best purchase. Not everyone wants to use their phone to add in some otherwise basic features to their radar detector and I totally get that. Unlike the Uniden R3 and Uniden DFR9 radar detectors, at least for the moment, the GPS-enabled Uniden R7 will … Very informative and answered a ton of questions I had. By far, the R3 out performs all the Escort product and is a very reliable product when it comes down to picking up the accurate threat. Best regards sir! Long range detection is in the same ballpark as the Escort Redline 360c and the Uniden R7. With the Redline 360c, this is the first time that we have a fully featured and high performance radar detector without a ton of false alerts that’s also easy to setup and use. Valentine One vs Uniden r7. You can sometimes find the detector brand new on eBay, but if you buy it new on eBay, your warranty will be through your seller, not through Escort, and Escort is actively trying to stop people from selling the detectors online. So which one is best? If you’re already an Android user, you can use your main phone. Uniden R7: Best Bang-for-the-Buck High Performance Detector. Great source of knowledge, Best videos to learn about old and new radars. products on the market. Always professionally done. Really like your vids! His passion, drive, ingenuity, and knowledge certainly shows in every video. I have used an older version but would love to be a tester for the company, I recommend the products and people reading the information on your web site to learn what is out there and available, I really like the idea of having the ability of recording my driving in case of a traffic incident. all is reviews are on target i do alot of reviews before i buy something an out of all the utube guys an gals this guy, is far better than anyone out there now with that said i think i deserve a 10% discount thats how it works i give you a good review i get mnie too lol just kidding keep up with the videos thanks. There’s no one else that puts in the time and information about the radar community than him. It’s a long range detector with arrows and the best false alert filtering available. all 34.7’ish alerts will show up as 34.700), but most of these nuances won’t be a big deal for most people. It also has a GPS chip built in which makes it very helpful around town. videos. If you get a radar or laser ticket within the first year of ownership, Escort will cover the cost of the ticket. The $649 price is for the NR DSP add-on package on top of the price of the ALP, plus you need a Bluetooth ($99) or HiFi module ($119) as well if you don’t have that already. This is my go to for radar detector knowledge, I want answers and he has them, Performance warranted and best reviews online. Exceptional YouTube channel dedicated to radar detectors. I've been a long-time fan of Vortex. I cannot say enough good stuff about them. Best instructional and detailed videos ever. Great Page I have a V1 and just bought a Uniden R3 & love it to your reviews helped Big time cant wait to post my, clear explanation on products ,clear how to videos, Vortex offers well researched, thoroughly explained, rigorously tested reviews of radar detectors, parking sensors and. Look forward to. I’m finding there’s a lot of great options, each with their own pros and cons. After the critical but fair review of the Waylens 360 I was convinced he is always going to be. ...and dash cams! Im still undecided on which radar detector is right for me. Once you select the V1 Gen2, read this tutorial to learn how to program your V1. This guy yes I watch everything he does is the Master on radar detectors and counter measure equipment . That said, this is also the only detector on the market that gives you long range performance, excellent filtering to reduce false alerts, and has GPS built in with auto lockouts to make it more plug-and-play. Blendmount: Radar detectors come with a suction cup mount to attach to your windshield. His non-biased approach makes it very, easy to trust what he says. Does not have an agenda, just giving us the most accurate and unbias info possible. thank you!! It features automatic GPS lockouts so the detector can learn and filter out false alerts for you, it can pair with your phone for sharing realtime cloud-based alerts with other drivers or displaying the current speed limit on screen, and you can add a rear antenna to gain directional arrows so it makes for an excellent premium remote mount radar detector. It seems the Uniden R7 is the new and popular choice. Definitely very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. His reviews seem to be honest, straight forward, and correct. Because of this, it’s more future-proof than the Escort. With built in GPS you are able to mark geographical points where you may typically encounter radar alerts. You’ll install a controller and display somewhere in your cabin and you’ll have it permanently installed and wired in your car. Looks-wise, the R7 appears to deliberately copy the high-performing Valentine One. awesome youtube channel! There’s actually two variants of this detector, the Uniden R1 without GPS ($199) and the Uniden R3 with GPS ($299). I've had a v1 for many years and long story short its performed really well. I picked my car, but Vortex picked my R3 after following his research and testing. Both of these apps will add back in your GPS lockout functionality, plus they’re automatic like the Redline 360c. While there’s other radar detectors that are flashier and have arrows, bluetooth, and multicolor displays, if you’re looking for a tiny and stealthy radar detector with very good BSM filtering and effective MRCD/MRCT photo radar detection (used in Alberta, Quebec, NYC, Chicago, Maryland, & Washington D.C.), the Pro M is your best bet. A lot of people have been talking about the new Uniden r7 which is basically just like there r3 but with arrows. There is no better hands on information source on countermeasure devices. Vortex Radar is a great source for factual information on Radar Detectors. Posted by 1 year ago. This helped a lot on narrowing down so many choices. In some areas it’s illegal to mount things to your windshield and it’s also nice to not have suction cups on your windshield or even suction cup rings when you remove them, not to mention suction cups sometimes fail which means your radar detector would fall down on your dash, so a nice upgrade is the Blendmount which hangs your detector under your rearview mirror. '08 BMW M3 convertible - '13 BMW X3 xDrive28i - '99 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 - '95 Mazda Miata M-edition - '06 Land Rover LR3 HSE - '15 Ford Explorer XLT. Personally I’d recommend the R3 for most drivers as it’s a more well-rounded detector and the GPS functionality adds a ton of value. For this reason, the Escort Redline 360c has become my go-to detector to run around town. However, the DFR7 is still a better deal while it’s still available. Love there unbiased reviews of multiple detector types. I just upgraded my old V1 to the newer K-band or whatever software and it's as good as always. The R7 has notch filtering which is supposed to really help with BSM falses too. R7 is the first detector I've even considered replacing the v1 and I think I will be picking one up shortly. Uniden R7 radar detector being released in April. Honest assessments. If you live in the USA, click here to buy the Radenso Pro M. If you live in Canada, click here to buy the Radenso Pro M. Are you looking for a less expensive option that doesn’t cost $450+? Absolutely a essential resource for decision making. Definitely pull good deals together and gives you options. Permanent link to this article: https://www.vortexradar.com/best-radar-detectors/, Escort Redline 360c ($749) Best all-around radar detector, long range, great filtering, feature-packed, Valentine 1 Gen2 ($499) Long range, arrows, great false alert filtering, amazing features w/ third party apps, Uniden R7 ($499) Long range, arrows, integrated GPS, Radenso Pro M ($449) Compact, stealth, great filtering, best MRCD detection, Uniden R3 ($299) Best radar detector under $300, Uniden R1 ($199) Best radar detector under $200, AntiLaser Priority ($839 Dual, $1339 Quad) The best performing and top laser jammer on the market, Tiny heads for stealthy installs, great for exotic cars, expensive, poor track record of updates, Affordable laser jammer, JBV1 integration, Escort ZW5 ($849 Dual) Wireless laser jammers that integrate w/ windshield mount Escort radar detectors, easiest to install, Designed for motorcycles (Save 10% with coupon “Vortex”), Escort Max Ci ($1999, $2399 w/ arrows) Integrated, automatic, and refined radar detector, Radenso RC M ($1599, $1849 w/ arrows) Best future-proof remote RD, can integrate with ALP, best BSM filtering, MRCD support, Net Radar DSP ($649, $1149 w/ arrows) Best inexpensive remote radar detector, integrates with AntiLaser Priority. Very informative. Great information and knowledge or products, Great reviews and advice on youtube channel and the forums, I have been watching YouTube videos for a while and have learned a lot of useful information on radar detectors and how. Close. Very informative channel for Radar Detectors and Dashcams! If you’re an iPhone user, watch my V1Driver setup video. Set alerts to notify you to speed zones, speed traps, construction zones, school zones and … The showcasing of new beta gear not on the market yet. V1 Gen2 Radar Detector . I get the feeling that valentine products are coming up on end of life sooner or later. The text on it is larger than Uniden models before, which helps in its readability. unbiased reviews and will give you the best information possible on tbe products he test. It’s an incredibly popular detector that offers extreme long range, arrows, MultaRadar detection, and it has GPS built in for your false alert filtering around town and redlight / speed camera alerts. There is an entire sub-forum at www. Easily one of the best radar detectors on the market is the Uniden R7. Where are you hearing about a new Valentine detector coming out? The V1 has been around for a long time and seems to be a better choice because the arrows are more visible but the range isn’t as good. Excellent reviews of all the radar detectors. very knowledgable. If you’re looking for the best budget detector and don’t want to drop the cash on a top end detector, the mid-tier Unidens would be my recommendation. Very honest, personable, and has a passion for what he does. Bill ENTER TO WIN A HIGH TEC BACK , FRONT AND PARK VIEWING CAM! Very knowledgeable and wonderfully detailed videos. I love the comprehensive testing of products. The new Gen2 is a major update to the original V1 with an all new design giving it longer range, undetectability, better false alert filtering, and now bluetooth built in. Click here to purchase the Pro M. The popular Uniden R3 is also a top notch choice. They have been a huge help with equipment training. Brilliant communcation and total product knowledge. Uniden R3 or the Radenso, One should never buy a radar detector without first checking the reviews published by Vortex Radar for the various. He tells it like it is. Excellent information about "countermeasures" associated with safe driving. It ticks just about every box you could want. However, against your traditional radar threats you’ll see around the country, it does a fantastic job. SUPER content. THANKS!!! Awesome youtube channel, very informative. Here’s a comparison review of the Best Radar Detectors of 2020 to keep you and your license protected on the road. Thank you for all the great content and advice. Unbeatable product resource. It’s only $50 more than the Uniden R3 and Valentine 1. Additionally the update software can be tough to get working sometimes. Great Content and Very Informative videos, Vortex is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the countermeasure community. There’s still some issues like how some people experience Ka falses and the arrows still need some refinement. It also offers a ton of protection, but for $250 less. If you’d like to support my site personally, you can sign up and contribute as a Patreon member as well. The Escort Max Ci 360 offers the outstanding long range detection, excellent blind spot filtering, and since Escort has made several different generations of remote detectors now, their latest Max Ci is very refined. The most knowledgeable honest testing and recommendations on earth! It also has arrows to help locate the source of the threat, it can share alerts in realtime with other drivers, it’s almost completely plug-and-play, it’s completely undetectable to radar detector detectors, and it can continue to keep itself updated over time.

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uniden r7 vs valentine one

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